The Librarian Borrowed My iPads - What Happened Next Was Nothing Short of Incredible

Augmented Reality Book Talks

By students.

For students.

Written by guest blogger Chrystal Burkes, Parkway Elementary Library and Media Specialist.

My students have been studying how to give Book Talks in library to share their love of reading for others. However, I wanted to think of a way to help share student book talks to others outside of their own classrooms and make the experience engaging. This is where my art teacher and Apple guru pal, Lindsay Fell, came in. What about recording student book talks with iPads, and sharing their videos via HP Reveal, thus creating an augmented reality experience for student book talks? Let's do it!


Students in grades 3-5 recorded videos of each other giving Book Talks using iPads. Then, they used the app, HP Reveal, to make them augmented. To accomplish that, they took a photo of the front cover of their book, selected their book talk video as the AR trigger, and created their own augmented reality Book Talk. 


The following week, these books were displayed for other students. iPads were available for students to grab and watch other student book talks on display! Students opened the HP Reveal app, pointed their iPads at a book of their choice, and the recorded book talks started playing! Kids could pick the books they wanted to check out after watching and hearing Book Talks given by their schoolmates! 


In the end, the activity gave students ownership over their learning, creativity while delivering their Book Talks, and excitement over choosing new books to read. The students were creating a culture of reading by delivering augmented reality Books Talks by students, for students. 


Here’s a look at our augmented reality book talks in action!