Using Keynote and iMovie to Add Animation to Handmade Artwork

Have you ever thought to yourself “Wouldn’t it be cool to merge the traditional paper Christmas card with an animated eCard?” That’s exactly what we did!

Here’s how we did it:

We started by making self portraits, paying close attention to and celebrating our individuality.


Next, we added winter backgrounds using liquid watercolors in cool colors and oil pastels for a wax resist effect while creating snow.


Finally we added our winter accessories. Winter cuteness overload!

We tiled several of our portraits together on white butcher paper to create the design for our Christmas card. I climbed up on our trusty art room ladder and took a photo of the card design.


Here’s a look at our printed Christmas card.


This is where things get really fun (and super techy). We took our photo and made three additional modified photos of the eyes blinking and mouths in different positions; closed smiles, toothless open smiles, and 0-shaped mouths. We did this using the eyedropper tool for color matching skin tones in Keynote. (See video below)

Here is a look at the four photos we used for creating our animation.

XmasCARD WES closed smile.png

I collaborated with our incredible music teacher to get a recording of the students singing “Jingle Bells.” She simply airdropped the file to me in GarageBand. We imported that file into iMovie and we were all set to create our animation. We simply used our four photos and timed the mouths to go along with the words the students were singing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 7.48.02 PM.png

The snow effect was created by inserting a falling snow green screen file. I found it here for free. Since our photo was vertical I simply rotated the photos to fill the screen. Once I exported the video I was able to rotate the video file in QuickTime.

Here’s a look at our final product:


The last step was to link the animation video to the physical card via augmented reality using HP Reveal.

And there you have it! A Christmas card that encompases both the traditional paper card that can be mailed out to loved ones and a fun eCard addition!