Art and Computer Science- Coding Meets Color Theory

When I wrote a technology proposal to my school administration asking for iPads, I also asked for Sphero robots. I was able to get 12 Sphero Sprk+ robots. The Sprk+ is perfect for any art classroom because it is completely waterproof. That means we can paint with them. Once we are finished painting I just hold them under the faucet to clean them off. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


While teaching kindergarten and first graders about primary and secondary colors, we painted with Spheros. I simply put down two primary colors on a large piece of butcher paper and had the kids drive their Spheros to mix the colors to create a secondary color.


This lesson also happened to fall right in the middle of my abstract expressionism unit. It tied perfectly to Jackson Pollock’s oversized abstract paintings. The kids love walking by these while traveling down the hallway. Sometimes I’ll even hear them say “red and yellow makes orange….blue and yellow makes green” softly as they walk by and point at the paintings.