Art and Literature - Using Stop Motion Animation to Tell Stories

Who remembers making flip books when we were younger? We created them by drawing a small image at the bottom corner of a book page and drawing it again, a bit changed on the next page, and so on, and then “flipping” the pages to see the items move.

Stop motion animation productions, which manipulate physical objects to create the animation, have been a popular project in schools for many years. Traditionally, clay was used for the items in the animations, but today everything from staplers to iPads to Legos to bits of paper to any real object are used in stop motion animation projects.

After reading the picture book If The Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most, my kindergarten students created artwork inspired by the illustrations found in the book and thought about ways dinosaurs could help us in our everyday lives. Some of their responses were “they could help me reach a books on tall shelves” and “they could help us paint really big paintings.”


We used the app Stop Motion Studio for this project. This app is perfect for young students. it is easy to use, powerful, and it’s tremendously fun.

Once our stop motion videos were created we used HP Reveal to make our artwork interactive with augmented reality.