Empowering Learners as Leaders: Parkway Productions

As teachers we wear a lot of hats. One hat that I wear outside of the art room is sponsoring and facilitating the Parkway Elementary student-led broadcast journalism team, Parkway Productions. This team of students works together to create weekly informational video segments by writing, filming, editing, producing, and sharing their videos through a Seesaw blog. We are exploring the power of a student video creation team that goes beyond morning announcements. We ask questions like “How might we grow authentic relationships in our community?” “How can we keep our community informed of local events and news as well as create global connections?” and, “How might we model good digital citizenship?”

Parkway Productions students had an incredible opportunity to share about their video creation processes and our learner led video production program with innovative educators from all over the state of Arkansas this week at the Education Innovation Summit in Hot Springs.