How I Convinced My School District to Purchase iPads For My Classroom


I had vision. I had passion. I had a dream. But, I knew convincing my school district to spend thousands of dollars on technology for my elementary art classroom wouldn’t be easy.


Art and Computer Science- Coding Meets Color Theory

IMG_6621 4.jpg

Kindergarten and first grade students mix primary colors to make secondary colors using Sphero Robots and iPads.

Interactive Art Exhibit - For Students By Students


Student created augmented realities empower students to share school pride through art.


Art and Literature - Using Stop Motion Animation to Tell Stories


Inspired by the picture book If The Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most.

Augmented Reality In The Classroom - This Changes Everything


Augmented Reality apps like JigSpace can bring the outside world to our fingertips and sit it down right in the middle of our classrooms. We need to completely rethink what is possible. This changes everything.


Augmented Reality Can Help Us Understand the Difference Between 2D Shapes and 3D Form


2D images come to life with augmented reality app Quiver.