Hi friends! My name is Lindsay Fell. I am so excited you are here! I currently teach elementary art at Parkway Elementary in the Bryant School District in Arkansas. I previously taught in the regular elementary classroom for 13 years. During my time in the regular classroom I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about best teaching practices and meeting the needs of my students. If you would like to know how I ended up in the art room you learn more about that here.

This website functions as a way for me to flip my classroom instruction in my elementary art room. In the Art Lessons section you will find video tutorials, interactive iBooks, and keynote presentations that my students are currently using in class. I am one to one with iPads in my art classroom. My students visit this site daily for art lessons. Flipping my classroom instruction allows me to tailor my instruction to meet the individual needs of my students and allows more time to work one on one with students. If you would like to know how I went about getting iPads for my classroom you can learn more about that here.

I blog about exciting moments and projects happening in the art room over in the blog section. You can hop over there to learn about how we are using augmented reality, animation, 3D printing, and coding in the art room.

I am a firm believer that creative classrooms can transform the way students acquire education and how they apply it in their lives. The right mix of creativity along with curriculum helps students become innovators, grow up to be good communicators, improve social and emotional skills, reduce stress and anxiety, boost problem solving skills, improve focus and attention, and empower students to follow their passions which opens doors to future opportunities and drives lifelong learning. With the right mix of creativity in our classrooms we can make a better world for our students.