Kimmy Cantrell Inspired Masks

Allow me to introduce you to the artist Kimmy Cantrell.

Cantrell’s masks are relief sculptures.

Relief sculpture is a technique that has raised areas to create depth or 3 dimensions. (Height, width, and depth) Typically a relief sculpture is not meant to be seen from the back. This type of sculpture is usually hung on the wall and takes up less space than a sculpture-in-the-round.


Take a look at these masks created by Kimmy Cantrell. What similarities can you find?

Kimmy Cantrell Masks

Kimmy Cantrell Masks


Kimmy Cantrell’s masks are asymmetrical.

If something is asymmetrical it is not the same on both sides. It has no line of symmetry.


Using what you already know about abstract portrait drawing, sketch a plan for your Kimmy Cantrell inspired mask.



Weaving: Removing your weaving from the loom


Weaving: Adding Fringe